Whom We Serve

Therapy Aid Coalition presently has three current initiatives: Coronavirus Online Therapy, 2020 California and Colorado wildfires, and the March 22nd Table Mesa Shooting in Boulder, Colorado.

Coronavirus Online Therapy is serving essential workers (furloughed, or employed), and their adult family members. We define essential workers as individuals who do not have the privilege of working from home when stay-at-home orders are in place. We also include teachers and school personnel, working in person, via hybrid learning, or remote, due to the enormous strain these changes have caused.

Essential workers include, but are not limited to:

Healthcare professionals (nurses, doctors, birth doulas, providers of home health services, pharmacy employees, etc), hospital & urgent care staff (medical, administrative and support such as clergy), teachers and school personnel, EMTs, firefighters, paramedics, law enforcement & military, staff members of shelters (homeless, DV, etc), truck drivers, USPS, UPS, FedEx and other parcel delivery employees, employees of grocery stores, and delivery persons, drivers/delivery workers (instacart, Amazon Fresh, DoorDash, Uber Eats, Lyft, etc), garbage collection employees, utilities and telecommunications workers, news & media employees, gas station attendants, mass transit & airline employees, social workers, therapists and other workers in residential treatment centers, hospitals, and child welfare agencies.

2020 California and Colorado Wildfires are serving individuals impacted by the following incidents:

California: Slater/Devil, Fox, Red Salmon Complex, Hobo, Spring, August Complex, Sheep, North Complex, Claremont, Bear, Fork, Slink, Bell, Wolf, Blue Jay, Horse, North Whizz Dome, Woodward, Dolan, Creek, Bullfrog, Moraine, Rattlesnake, SQF Complex, Apple, El Dorado, Snow, and Valley Fires

Colorado: Cameron Peak, CalWood, Lefthand Canyon, Middlefork, East Troublesome, Deep Creek, Williams Fork, Thorpe, Grizzly Creek & Pine Gulch Fires

March 22nd Table Mesa Shooting in Boulder, CO:

We are presently serving those directly impacted by the King Soopers shooting. This includes those present in King Soopers at the time of the shooting, first responders, immediate family who lost loved ones, and others directly impacted.

As we grow, and have capacity, Therapy Aid plans to continue expansion to include FEMA incidents nationwide.