Urgent Needs

Volunteers needed!

We are gratefully accepting volunteers with experience for the following teams:

  • Outreach:

    • Individuals to assist with therapist recruitment, healthcare outreach, & essential employer outreach

  • Tech:

    • Individuals familiar with PHP and Laravel to assist with website

  • Marketing/PR:

    • PR professionals willing to assist with the writing of press releases

    • PR professionals willing to share Therapy Aid Press releases with their contacts

    • Marketing professionals to assist with strategy and implementation

    • Therapists whom are trauma therapists, grief specialists, and crisis specialists interested in writing blog content

    • Social Media Influencers

  • Financial:

    • Individuals with fundraising experience

    • Individuals with experience researching and writing grant proposals

    • Individuals familiar with Donor Management Platforms

    • familiarity with researching and applying for corporate sponsorships

To volunteer, please email volunteer@therapyaid.org  Thank you!